How to have a great date with me!

  • Do not ask for discounts or “cheaper rates”. Paying me my full rate without discussion shows you respect me

  • Be a gentlemen. You will guaranteed get a far better experience with me if you treat me nicely.

  • Be prepared to be screened. Most bookings will need to be paid for with a deposit if you are in Victoria.

  • Do not attend an appointment under the influence. I have a strict no party policy. I do not drink alcohol or take drugs.

  • Behave appropriately. Do not send inappropriate images or try to engage in dirty talk. This is a business arrangement.

  • Do not ask me for unprotected services of any kind. I ask that you respect me as a professional and my need for safety.

Follow these simple dot points for the best possible experience. I love pleasing the guys who respect me the most!

First Contact

I am a touring escort. I travel and advertise in lots of places. I need you to be clear and concise with your initial message.
Please include the following for my convenience, this will guarantee a prompt and desirable response.

  • Name

  • City

  • State

  • Desired date and time

  • Session Requirements

I will endeavor to respond within 1 hour while on tour and 24 hours when I am in Melbourne.



I am generally available between 7am and 2am and need 45 minutes notice to prepare.


I am only available with 24 hours notice and from 2pm - 8pm.


If you want to see me outside of these hours I require a 50% deposit and with 48 hours notice.



I will always have an incall at my disposal for bookings.


Incalls are not available. Please contact me to discuss options.


  • Travel fee may be charged depending on travel time and/or I may request a minimum time.

  • Deposits are ALWAYS required for outcalls. I am not a fan of having my time wasted.


  • I require cash, Beem it or Cryptocurrency for on the day payment.

  • Non payment or reversal of any payments will result in police action.


I will ask for a deposit if I am planning a tour and you want to book in advance or if you are based in victoria.
You will also get an extra 20 minutes free if you book 60 minutes or longer. The deposit will $100.

  • Beemit App

  • Smart ATM Deposit

  • Osko Payment / PAYID

  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum & Some Alt coins.


  • No refunds, crediting or rescheduling for cancellations. I can credit it to a future date if appropriate.

  • No refund will be given if you are under the influence or presenting with a communicable illness when you arrive.

  • If I am unable to attend for my tour for any reason I will give a full refund of the deposit in a timely manner.


  • I am happy to see clients who are living with a disability.

  • Be honest about your disability when making an appointment with me. This helps me, Help you!


  • Please note. I do not engage in “party” bookings of any kind. I am straight edge and do not partake.

  • I do not see clients who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol under any circumstances.

  • If you wish to have 1-2 standard drinks during our appointment you may do so in my presence.

  • If you show up under the influence you will be asked to leave and you will be charged the entire booking fee.

Asking me for “party” bookings will result in immediate refusal. This may offend so please just do not ask!